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Pet odor removal services from CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning. We have experience with pet issues. There is definitely a science to what causes pet odor to remain in your carpet long after the accident has happened.

Urine contains bacteria that remains alive in the spot long after your pets accident. To effectively remove any odor requires using specific products that can eliminate the bacteria permanently.


You may have noticed that the odor problem can be especially bad on a humid day. That is because the salt left behind in your pet’s urine will pull ambient moisture (aka humidity) out of the air. This humidity activates the breeding of the bacteria which produces a gas which is what you call “smell”.

It is always best to have someone with experience deal with your pet issues. A lot of carpet cleaners like to sell you a nice fragrance called a “deodorizer” that will only mask the odor and not fix the real problem. We will effectively remove pet odor from your home.

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