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Drapes & Curtains Cleaning

Drapes & Curtains Cleaning

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We utilize the same highly effective and natural “Citrus” based cleaning solution to effectively clean and protect your drapes and curtains.

Our trained technicians will first inspect the fabric content and extent of soil in the drapes and develop a cleaning strategy.  We’ll then vacuum BOTH SIDES of the fabric to remove all surface and embedded dirt.  Then we’ll then apply our highly effective “Citrus” based cleaning solution and “Hand Clean” BOTH SIDES of your drapes and curtains.

When Should My Drapes Be Cleaned?
A good rule-of-thumb is to clean drapes approximately every two years.  Depending on your heating system, the amount of smokers in the home, and other factors, drapes may not show soil for many years.

All Drapes, Curtains and Blinds act as indoor air filters absorbing airborne pollutants, dust and allergens due to constant airflow. Even drapes not visibly dirty require regular cleaning to prolong their lifespan.  Without cleaning, the lifespan of your drapes is shortened considerably.

CitruSolution’s Drapes & Curtains Cleaning offers the convenience of “On-site” service without the inconvenience of having bare windows and walls impacting your privacy while other cleaners remove your drapes and curtains from your home.

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