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Franchise Owners Meeting

Franchise Owners Meeting
August 7th, 2018

Call us at
(678) 515-5915

Meeting Replay of August 7th Meeting

August Franchise Owners Meeting Highlights:

  • Now that all marketing calls are going into the Call Center, please call Paul, Jessie or myself should you need assistance
    • Paul  – (404) 295-6333
    • Jessie – (404) 295-6332
    • Vince – (678) 790-5882
  • Call Center / Call Tracking Metrics – Missed Sales Opportunities = $1,494.00
    • Benefits:
      • Increased Quality of Life
      • 100% of every inbound call answered – No Missed Calls!
      • Never take another solicitor call again!
      • Maximize EVERY inbound call and increase average job revenue in the process
      • Handled inside the CitruSolution Coop
  • Want more detail about the dedicated Call Center / Call Tracking program? Call Vince or Paul to learn more
  • Access to your Online Visibility Report: http://mybizonline.repgrader.com/citrusolution
  • Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, September 4th @ 4:00 PM

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6 months


If you are not happy FOR ANY REASON with the results from our work, just give us a call.

We will come back and and make it right!  No questions, no hassles, just our commitment to ensure your TOTAL SATISFACTION!


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